[Deprecated] [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)

Thanks for the update.

Keep up the great work and have a great Christmas.

don’t like to sound rude but… is this a joke?..
Are you selling a bt dongle before having a stable bluetooth integration?. If I’m not wrong, this is “a standard” dongle based in CSR chipset and although it’s well supported by linux, if you review the thread continue to be a lot of issues associated with this chipset and the integration with kodi, without interest trying to get these issues solved before, seeing the lack of feedback in this thread… but in the meantime adding more functionality like bt player over a broken base.
I think you’re counting our chickens before they are hatched… sure you’re capable of, but I think this isn’t a correct/serious commercial strategy.

Hold on a second there buddy.

What does selling a bluetooth dongle specifically have to do with A2DP ?

OSMC has supported bluetooth from day one for input devices such as bluetooth keyboards, mice, bluetooth remotes (Fire TV stick remote) etc…

They all work fine and are a perfectly good reason to buy a bluetooth dongle.

A2DP (audio streaming) support is still experimental but that is irrelevant for other uses of a bluetooth dongle.


It is not a joke.

No – this dongle is useful for other purposes, as well as pairing with keyboards or Bluetooth remotes. I have extensively tested A2DP audio streaming from a phone with it and have not experienced any stuttering, high quality and minimal latency. Our pairing GUI certainly needs a bit of ‘visual’ love, but it works.

I looked over your posts, and your symptoms appear to be caused by the dongle you are using. I can assure you (and many others, that BT streaming does work well). What needs improving now is making Kodi ‘aware’ of streaming, so we can get playback information and progress and also improving how the sink is displayed and managed in Kodi, so that passthrough and switching to non-BT devices is handled better.

I would certainly try another Bluetooth dongle before arriving to such a conclusion. I evaluated around ten different vendor’s before settling on one manufacturer. Unfortunately, a lot of these dongles have different chipsets, but a deceptively similar appearance. The log you provided wasn’t sufficient for me to determine where the issue lies. It would be good to know:

  • What device you are streaming to
  • The status of the device when it works as shown by bluetoothctl
  • The status of the device when it does not work as shown by bluetoothctl

We shall see. Just a reminder that our products have a guarantee and if someone purchases a dongle from us for A2DP streaming purposes and isn’t able to achieve reliable, stutter free streaming, they would of course be entitled to a full refund.


Two facts:

1 - The description of the item in your shop:

 Our Bluetooth dongle is designed for OSMC and will give you excellent signal quality and performance whether you’re using a wireless keyboard, streaming music from your tablet or **transmitting to a Bluetooth speaker**

Guaranteed to work with OSMC
Plug and play
Bluetooth 4.0
Supports audio streaming to and from compatible (A2DP) devices such as tablets, smartphones and Bluetooth speakers

2 - Advertising it inside a thread which titles says:
[TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)

That’s correct. The dongle we sell is capable of this feature as advertised.

I am still happy to help you try and resolve your issue.


Is someone butthurt that they bought a cheap, rubbish bt dongle?

Nop, it’s not the case…

Really? You seem to be spreading a lot of FUD about a piece of gear you don’t even own.

No problem with GUI looks. Did you try to stream to bluetooth speakers as advertised?

This is the kind of feedback that should be requested in a first place…
Tested with three different dongles with different chipsets… same behaviour, from command line not issues at all.
Excuse me for not providing further feedback, not at home at the moment… and I gave up testing this solution without support… until today. It would be easier if you publish the chipset used by your dongle.
I’m not special, you have here similar users with similar symptons like no sound or lag when chaging output source with different chipsets (although most of them probably would be based in CSR dongles)… it would be helpful trying to track it because it smell like a common pattern associated to some tricky bug.

Probably nobody would take care of using the guarantee if he has to take care of shipping costs and most importat, the wasted time, with such inexpensive device.

P.D.: Again, don’t get me wrong Sam, I usually like a lot your attitude with your users/customers and support of your solutions, but I think here you have missed the strategy.
I understand perfectly what open source philosophy means and its implication and of course your dedication, but once you mix it with commercial ventures (something respetable), lines get blurry…
Also understand the complexities of bluetooth stack in linux (and in windows also :slight_smile: ). This is the reason why kodi always rejected to support it by themselves, delegating such task to the OS.

This is not the attitude…
P.D.: Only to allow you to focus in what it’s important and don’t waste your time making assumptions… I use a bluetooth transmitter connected directly to TV toslink… I have 3 spare bt dongles collected over time and wanted to test it with your integration and provide a feedback that always is useful during development.

since installing the november update I do not receive any output on the speakers (analog nor hdmi)
music is playing, Bluetooth connection is stable (iPhone 5S)

any ideas how to fix that?

Yes, I tested with a cheap and cheerful one.

I think that you underestimate how many support requests we receive. We have had 1,100 posts in the last 7 days on this forum. That’s over 100 posts a day. It’s not feasible for me to track every single post on this forum. I saw your post, and I concluded that unless proven otherwise, it would be an issue with your dongle. If you would like support, you should answer my questions above, and you should also read http://osmc.tv/wiki/general/how-to-submit-a-useful-support-request/.

I am sure that they would. You have been extremely vocal about our sale of a device and you’ve not even bought one, so I cannot anticipate an unsatisfied customer being quiet.

I will repeat myself one last time. I am more than happy to try and resolve any issues you have, but you must provide me more information about your setup.

I don’t think so, because:

  • I am assuring you that the device we are selling works as advertised.
  • Some people will just want to buy one that works. We try and support as much hardware as possible, but some people will like to buy from us knowing it will work and they won’t have any issues.
  • All of our sales support OSMC’s future development and help it grow. If we didn’t sell physical products, OSMC would not be anywhere near as good as it is today and we wouldn’t be able to support the financial demands it has. We have almost 700,000 regular users now. Update servers, build servers, test hardware, developer time, project resources are all things that we need to cover.


Sam and team … just wanted to let you know:

BT audio streaming working with my Bose Soundlink Mini. I have it running 24/7 for several weeks now. I’m using ‘modmypi’ BT dongle. The sound is really good !

And the audio output setting in OSMC seems to be more persistent now.
(before November update I needed to reboot to reset the audio output to bluetooth).

The pairing seems to be working better now also.

This is work really well.

Thanks again !!!


Tested with RPi1 and RPi 2. The same issue.

While I don’t think changing from analog jack to HDMI in Alsa is the way I would suggest (currently I would suggest to have a key action in Kodi defined to switch between HDMI and Alsa) I believe your problem with Alsa in the latest OSMC can be solved if you add dtparam=audio=on to /boot/config.txt

Ok fzinken.
Thanks I will try righ now.

After I add this to /boot/config.txt. Now I can use this “amixer cset numid=3 1” and I can make everything work in OSMC 2015.11-1. Best of all when I switch off my BT speaker during play music. Sound output is automatic switch to 3.5mm speaker right away.


@sam_nazarko @gezb could you please add all ALSA options to the Audio Output selection list in Kodi?

People using a HiFiBerry DAC can’t select it anymore, only ALSA: Bluetooth is available (besides HDMI and Analog) after the Bluetooth streaming package is installed.

Also a bit information on how to connect your phone to OSMC for the first time would be very helpful :slight_smile:

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Ran wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/qiyekuvafe -O- | sudo sh,now I can connect to my android tablet(which shows media audio) but osmc doesnt play audio when I play song on my tablet.What is the reason for this?
Also is any app supposed to be installed after running the above command?Is raspi supposed to reboot automatically after running the command?