[Deprecated] [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)

I have an Rpi2 running 2015.11-2, with a Cambridge Silicon USB dongle, USB ID 0a12:0001
i’ve installed the .deb on a clean install, per above instructions.
i can connect/pair via bt, and on my phone osmc is my media output
i cannot get sound out of either the HDMI or the analogue port, have changed it multiple times
the only sink i get from “pactl list sinks” is the null sink


See post 123, you probably have to edit config.txt

Is this working on Vero? Tried a while ago and there were issues. Just wondered if things had been updated for Vero as there has been no discussion about it. Thanks!

Hello there,

I have a generic BT adapter which list itself as CSR8510 A10.
Dec 27 15:18:37 osmc-Ridgewell kernel: usb 1-1.2: new full-speed USB device number 4 using dwc_otg
Dec 27 15:18:37 osmc-Ridgewell kernel: usb 1-1.2: New USB device found, idVendor=0a12, idProduct=0001
Dec 27 15:18:37 osmc-Ridgewell kernel: usb 1-1.2: New USB device strings: Mfr=0, Product=2, SerialNumber=0
Dec 27 15:18:37 osmc-Ridgewell kernel: usb 1-1.2: Product: CSR8510 A10

I cannot manage to use a BT device. Form My OSMC, I can discover devices, but when I try to pair with it, OSMC displays a message stating that connection has failed, but it is listed in the paired device list. Re-connect to the device always fails.
Looking from the command line (bluetoothctl), the device seems to be paired :
[bluetooth]# info 00:1A:7D:D4:62:24
Device 00:1A:7D:D4:62:24
Name: BRAVEN 570
Alias: BRAVEN 570
Class: 0x240404
Icon: audio-card
Paired: yes
Trusted: yes
Blocked: no
Connected: no
LegacyPairing: no
UUID: Headset (00001108-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: Audio Sink (0000110b-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: A/V Remote Control Target (0000110c-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: A/V Remote Control (0000110e-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)
UUID: Handsfree (0000111e-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb)

If I try to connect manual, it fails :
[bluetooth]# connect 00:1A:7D:D4:62:24
Attempting to connect to 00:1A:7D:D4:62:24
Failed to connect: org.blue.Error.Failed

Did I missed something or am I just a victim of crapy hardware?

EDIT : I relaunched the a2dp install script, had an OSMC update. After pairing again it works like a charm!

I confirm that streaming from OSMC with a generic CSR8510 A10 adapter works fine with my BT speaker Braven 500.

Dilligaf: thanks. i did and it works. still choppy audio occasionally, but whatever.

hi @sam_nazarko
as it goes for me, bluetooth is working great. I was able to connect my phone with raspberry and stream music to it and the same refers to bluetooth speaker where streaming music from raspberry was also possible. Everything loud and clear.

It maybe a dumb question but please correct me if I’m wrong. Pulseaudio is required here and used, right? What version is it, 5?
Would it be possible to upgrade it to the newest version?

Why am I asking? I’m struggling with some issues related to RetroPie (installed via mcobit script howto retrosmc retrogaming on osmc

I have noticed that when pulseaudio process is running, retroarch emulator has various problems with launching, and RetroPie returns a lot of errors related to ALSA.
“ALSA lib pulse.c:243:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Access denied. amixer: Control default open error: Connection refused”
“ALSA lib pulse.c:243:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Access denied. cannot open mixer: Connection refused”.

But once pulseaudio is terminated, everything seems to be working fine.
Whenever Emulationstation or Retroarch gets stuck (paused screen or something) terminating pulseaudio solves problem.

Ok, so I’m unsure what’s wrong, but I cannot connect my phone to RP2 running OSCM 2015-12-1.

from a ssh I ran :
sudo su
wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/qiyekuvafe -O- | sudo sh

in the end osmc restarts closing the ssh session, not sure this is intended. So I re-ran the command, it seems all was installed, but how can I check ? the last lines of the ssh session are :

HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 4300 (4.2K) [application/x-debian-package]
Saving to: 'a2dp.deb'

a2dp.deb            100%[=====================>]   4.20K  --.-KB/s   in 0s

2015-12-29 14:46:43 (48.5 MB/s) - 'a2dp.deb' saved [4300/4300]

(Reading database ... 26944 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack a2dp.deb ...
Unpacking a2dp-app-osmc (1.0.5) over (1.0.5) ...
Setting up a2dp-app-osmc (1.0.5) ...
Processing triggers for dbus (1.8.20-0+deb8u1) ...
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information... Done
The following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:
  apt-transport-https libbluray1 libcurl3-gnutls rbp2-image-4.3.0-10-osmc
Use 'apt-get autoremove' to remove them.
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

My BT dongle is an Asus USB-BT400 (which is in the list of the supported “out of the box” dongles).

Going to MyOsmc / Network, I enabled BT support, enabling “Start/Stop discovery” I can see BT-enabled devices.
On my phone I can also see my OSMC devices, so all sounds good so far.

The issue is : when trying to pair the Phone (Moto X Style XT1572) to OSCM, it tries for few seconds then give-up.

Did I miss some configuration steps ?

Edit : after several attemps, I could pair to HTB558* home theater (with the “with PIN” option).


If you are using the old script, problems with libs are expected. It uses raspbian sources.
That is fixed with the new one.

Edit: Sorry. You seem to use the new one. I cannot test bluetooth related things unfortunately.

Ok, Replying to myslef as I made some kid of progress…

  • I can pair OSMC with other BT devices (jabra headset, Philips home theater, etc…).
  • I cannot pair from other device (computer/phone) with OSMC : with my mobile or my computer I can see the OSMC BT but cannot pair with it !

So I paired the OSMC with my phone to give it a try anyway, but when playing music from my phone there’s no sound out of the rasp (HDMI and/or jack audio). Btw is there any notification that is supposed to be displayed in OSMC when I play music from my phone ?

See post 142, did you edit config.txt??

No, I did not (read / edit config), but now that I did it works ! Thx.

Ok, so my only remaining point is regarding pairing, but maybe it’s the normal behavior ?
I can only pair from OSMC/Kodi, which is not very convenient.
And BTW, for some reason now when scaning BT devices from my phone, OSMC is no longer visible…

Note that once the device (phone) has been paired once I can re-connect from it, even after rebooting the rasp.

would apt-x with low latency be an option for streaming (e.g. act as a2dp source) towards headphones?

Hi Sam,

Many thanks to you and team for an amazing OSMC solution…!!
I was one of the first RaspBMC users.

Here’s a live demo of Bluetooth Audio streaming.
The BT dongle is ‘modmypi’ BT4 dongle.
The speaker is actually in the dining room (it’s a Bose Soundlink Mini).
This clip was recorded using my phone (so it sounds even better in real-life)

OSMC is running on RPI2 on a homemade media centre in my kitchen.
The LCD screen is from a broken laptop (HP Pavilion from the early 1990s).
It’s inside a custom picture frame made at a local picture frame shop.
The WiFi connection is actually via the ethernet port - with a TP-Link TL-WR710N
miniature router.

The video was recorded using another OSMC in the living room (TVHeadend)
in HD1080p from BBC-1 (Adele with Graham Norton) on satellite
(using Sundtek DBV-S2 USB tuner).
The playback is streaming wirelessly from a NAS in the hall.

Best regards,

i did the command

wget http://paste.osmc.io/raw/qiyekuvafe -O- | sudo sh

and after some minutes of installation it work correctly for me : i can stream music from my tablet to kodi osmc by bluetooth

the only problem is that i shall pair again the devices every time i turn on the system

and also the other issue is that i cannot control the audio volume neither with tablet and neither with kodi osmc

have you some suggestion ?


output to analog:
$sudo amixer cset numid=3 1

output to hdmi:
$sudo amixer cset numid=3 2

Hi sam,
thanks a lot, now I could streaming music from my smartphone or tablet via bluetooth to speaker which is connected to analog jack of the pi.

Now there is still a problem, I could not control the volume from my smartphone, which means increasing or reducing volume on my phone has no influence of the volume from pi to speaker. I have to go to the speaker and tune the volume manually.

How could I get the volume controlled by my phone?

Many thanks for your advice in advance.


Android should let you control the volume. iPhone doesn’t, as it sends volume changes differently. Are you using an iPhone?

hi sam,

Yes, I’m using iPhone.
Is there any work around for it?

Thanks a lot.

Not at this time.

I now have an iPhone too, so I will see what I can do.


I will wait for good news from you:smile: