Desktop mirroring and VLC streaming

Hello everyone,
I installed OSMC onto Pi3 and so far so good.
Have 2 questions so far, 1st one is a big one, is it possible to mirror the Desktop (Windows preferred) to osmc to quickly show pictures or have Skype up on the television.
2nd one, is it possible to stream directly from VLC to OSMC? I have few DVD discs. Or do I need to Share the drive and have OSMC search for it on a LAN?

Question was asked before and remained unanswered. So I don’t think that there is a straight forward easy method.

What I do is I configure VLC to stream and have a file entry in OSMC to point to the stream.

++ [fzinken] Has mentioned how to connect to a VLC stream. It is also possible to stream any windows PC to any streaming device and IPhone/Tablet. Many people have been trying to figure out how to stream their PC audio and Video using VLC. This can be done by streaming with an older version of VLC. Google “roku desktop stream windows 7 vlc”.