Desyncing when streaming Youtube/Twitch

Hey all,

Just wanted to check if I’m the only one suffering from severe desyncing issues when watching Twitch or Youtube with higher bitrates?

It works fine for a while, then at random times I get a buffering where the sound continues to work, but the image freezes for a few seconds.
After that the only way to resolve it is to stop and resume.

It seems to be related to either bitrate or resolution as I’ve never had it when watching 720p/30FPS, but 720p/60FPS and 1080p/Any FPS encounter the same issue.

I’ve tried both using the Inputstream helper and raw (only possible by watching Twitch with “Source” quality on some channels) and they both suffer from it.

I use twitch daily and never had this issue. But have it set up so that it always displays source quality.

Same on YouTube