Device crashes when playing movies with Dolby TrueHD

I have my Vero connected to a cheap 2.1 soundbar which is only capable of decoding AC-3 and DTS. If I enable TrueHD passthrough I don’t get any audio at all on my soundbar.

I’ve read previously about a Kodi bug with Dolby TrueHD audio, one of my displays requires 2-channel PCM conversion, and I can’t chapter skip reliably on mkv’s with TrueHD audio as I get lots of sad-face playback crashes (V4K+, Aug 2021 OSMC). Short of adding a regular DD5.1 track to the mkv’s, is there anything I can do? Not posted a log as I think this is a known issue, but wanted to check status.

I moved your post into this thread as I don’t think it make sense to open a new thread.

thanks, apologies for the thread clutter on my part.

I just tried some TrueHD files on a Shield with Kodi configured to 2-channel no-passthrough audio, and it copes with the chapter skips just fine.

Well you could avoid chapter skipping and just skip a specific amount of seconds by pressing the left/right arrow buttons.

@sam_nazarko This seems to be fixed now with the Nexus test build.

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yes, with Nexus on the Vero I can now use the chapter skipping when transcoding Dolby TrueHD to 2.0 PCM without the sad face reboot.

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I tested both, transcoding to AC-3 and decoding to PCM. Both seem to work fine now. I also tested using the Kore app which I mentioned in my first post. It works too. :slightly_smiling_face: