DHT11 Temperature & Humidity sensor

I saw that the November update added support for DHT11 sensors, so I bought a couple. But I’m unsure of how to set them up.
If I connect the pins like this, is that right? It seems the pull-up resistor mentioned elsewhere might not be so critical. And if that’s connected correctly, how can I read the temperate & humidity? Can I check it through the GUI, or through a log?


imo you need the resistor else you will burn the sensor… i have not yet my self try’d the kernel driver… i use the python driver right now… but it is on the list… this was just so you did not burn the sensor… ;-).


I ask this genuinely, not cynically: how could not having the resistor burn the sensor? The resistor goes between the Vcc and data lines, it’s not in series with Vcc. I just read that it pulls up the voltage on the data line, ie. If you don’t have it, the data signal output might not be at the right level. But i’m not sure omitting it would result in damaging the sensor.

is it this one ?

if so

Hope this helps //Toast

Yep, that’s the one. Thanks, I’ll have a read through those.

I just remember i read it somewhere ;-), im powering pi(A+) through GPIO for less cables and use DHT22 (more precise) sensor… if you don’t power your PI through GPIO that might be okay.