Diagnostics Reporting Suite

Hi. It’s just recently that I appreciated the Kodi Log uploader. And now I’m thinking, why not make a suite of add ons/apps that will make it easier for users to report? Especially those who are allergic to command lines hehe.

These can either be installed by default or maybe added to the OSMC app store? The following are what I think is common from what I’ve been reading on the forum.

  1. mediainfo - usually this is also asked for when there’s a playback issue.
  2. EDID - usually when there’s a compatibility issue with AVR or TV.
  3. Ethtool? - Sorry. I don’t remember the name. To check network integrity for wifi and ethernet

Maybe you can think of what else to add or modify? Or let me know if those are already included in the Kodi log uploader. Thank you.

You are aware that is it available via the GUI under MyOSMC?

From your list below mediainfo and ethtool are currently missing but a full log via MyOSMC is normally a good starting point.

Thanks, @fzinken ! Didn’t know about EDID being included in the logs :slight_smile: Would be nice if media info would also be included instead of bringing the HDD to a computer

Well that would be more complicated as we would need to ask for which file you want to include it.
But basically no need to move the HDD:

Option 1: Share HDD from OSMC via Samba then you can run GUI from PC.
Option 2: Use command line mediainfo on OSMC

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We are building some tools for troubleshooting video files.

The rest should be covered by My OSMC


That would be great! Thanks, @sam_nazarko!