Diashow of videos and pictures together


we have a Samsung TV, which should be used for displaying a presentation.

The easiest way is to export the Powerpoint slides to JPG and just run a diashow. This would be even possible just with the Samsung TV, without OSMC.

But unfortunately, we want to include video sequences into the presentation. On the Samsung TV, it is only possible to either display a picture OR video diashow. But we want something like: Picture–>Video–>Picture–>Video…

With OSMC, you also must select either pictures OR videos…

Is there still a possibility to display both alternating? Converting the whole presentation into a whole video is not a solution, since there will be changes in the presentation regularly.

Well not being able to answer your question, but just wondering why don’t you create a single video in which you have the Pictures as still image e.g. for 10 seconds

Due to our company security restrictions, we are not able to install any freeware/video editing software.

Furthermore it is more comfortable to replace just one picture, instead of converting a whole video, if there is something updated.

your question doesn’t have anything to do with OSMC… perhaps a bit with Kodi.


It’s no problem at all to play pictures and video’s together in OSMC.I try’d this with .AVI and .MOV and .JPG in one folder.
You can even play a radio or MP3 in the background when looking the pictures. When a movie starts the music stops and it returns when the movie is finished. (As long as you don’t interrupt the dia-show).

I think with renaming and sorting the files you also be able to play the video’s between the pictures at the moment you need the video to start; like 001.jpg - 002.mov - 003.jpg etc…