Did LIRC security change with Kodi 19?

I upgraded my Pi2 OSMC to Kodi 19.1 yesterday. I noticed the IR remote stopped working (I have an IR receiver connected to GPIO).

I tried to run irw to debug and confirm that IR key presses were being received, but got permission errors.

I read the change notes and searched online, but nothing obvious (to me) to explain this. Before I spend time debugging or getting logs, I’m just wondering if anyone is aware of an obvious reason why this would have stopped working in new Kodi? Maybe a security change, or something like that?

I went into MyOSMC Remotes and confirmed the disable RC6 option was not selected. I also re-selected my lircd.conf file to try and reset things, but no change.

You needed to add a line to config.txt before to get this working before didn’t you? Their were changes to config.txt so your old settings would not have been retained post upgrade. I believe you would need to add the same as you did before but in the config-user.txt file instead.

Could be… I set it up years ago so I honestly don’t remember! But this is good information, so thanks for the idea.

Seems to be sorted now! I reviewed /boot/config-user.txt and saw an entry for dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=17

I am not sure where that came from, because my IR receiver is connected up on pin 18. (I guess pin 17 is the default value, and that got used rather than carryover from actual user settings?)

Anyways, I modified the line to dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=18 and rebooted. Now the remote works again!

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