Did OSMC stopped support for raspberry?

Sorry for the direct question, but a year ago I used to get 1 update/ month and now last update was from December.
Is it just a resource issue or a strategy to stop support for raspberry ?

I really respect you work here, but would help to be transparent and inform us (OSMC enthusiasts :slight_smile: ) via blog post about the status.

Raspberry Pis are still very much supported. December is still currently the latest update as all the developer effort is being put in to getting Kodi 18 ready for rolling out. Kodi 18.0 was released in January but there were still come bugs that we were not happy with so decided to wait for 18.1 before releasing this to the OSMC users. Kodi 18.1 was released towards the end of February and since then the development team have been working tirelessly to integrate this into OSMC, they are very close to releasing this but it’s not quite ready yet.


Pi is still supported

Thanks for the detailed and good answer.
I’ll wait quietly for the update.