Difference btw OSMC updates and apt-get dist-upgrade?

I have been using the Vero 4K for a few days and am happy with it so far. One thing I noticed is the difference between using MyOSMC Update feature and apt-get dist-upgrade under the underlying Linux system. Whereas there is no myOSMC update currently (after I did the initial 2017.06-1 update the first time), sudo apt-get dist-upgrade lists package updates for various libraries. Is it normal? What are the differences?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Yes this is normal. OSMC (GUI) is designed to only trigger an “Update” notification in case there is an update available to any OSMC specific package (normally once a month) or if there is a security update for a crucial package being available. At that moment then also all additional debian updates are installed.
This is the design to limit the users interuption and to avoid a popup for every single package update available.

Thank you for your answer.