Differences between Vero4K and Kodi on Firestick

Depending on location I use either a Vero 4K or a Firestick running Kodi. When accessing the same website and page on these devices there is sometimes a very different result with the firestick results often being the better. For example a search on Vero 4K yielded 5 or 6 items but the same search on Kodi gave me 30 odd items.

This is not a big issue at present but I would be interested to understand how and where these differences arise. If I knew I might be able to achieve a more satisfactory result from the Vero.

The only way your going to get any kind of meaningful response is if you provide enough information in your post to allow people to have at least a small hint of what your talking about. I assume your referring to some add-on but you don’t say that and even then it would be relevant what add-on your using, which again, is not specified.

Hi and many thanks for the reply. My enquiry was only a general one and I certainly would not ask you to diagnose the issues since they are using different operating systems and, as you correctly assume I have been using an add-on and vpns.

When I asked I had been thinking about the possible differences in the builds and if there is any comparison based on version numbers. The firestick is now at Kodi 19.4 which surprised me. I thought Vero 4K was at 19.3 but this may have changed recently.

Please don’t waste any time on this but if you have any thoughts on differences, possibly driven by commercial interests, I would be interested to know more.

Many thanks again for your reply.


If we see logs from both platforms then I am sure that we can advise accordingly



Hi Sam,
Many thanks for the kind suggestion but as I intimated this is not a big issue. In fact on looking into this further it seems there had been delays on the remote site. I suspect scraper issues and not a fundamental difference between Android and Debian versions.
Thanks again.