Different PSU

This may seem a strange request, but I think you need a different wall–wart PSU. The one that came with my vero has a cable that is much too short to reach from the power socket to where the vero needs to sit. I’m using another PSU that I already had to work round this.


Some people might say that you need your power socket in a different location and the wall-wart is fine.

Just joking.

Builders and electrician to put in new socket £200?
Longer lead Rmb 0.30

How long do you need it?


My Pi PS is 1.5m and it uses a 1.5m HDMI cable. I’ve never thought ‘Hmm that’s too short’ with those, in a variety of setups. If only one was made longer, I’d opt for the PS.

Yes, 1.5 would be fine and is a very common length. The one supplied is only 1.13m and won’t reach from the 4-way under my rack to the Vero at the front of the top shelf (the amps run quite warm so I wouldn’t want to put it on top of those):