Difficulty installing add-on due to dependancies not being satisfied

I am currently trying to get youtube running on this Apple TV, I thought it would be simple, turns out it wasn’t a simple install and run, so I completed the entire process and Youtube does indeed load what videos are popular, channels, searching, all of that works, except for actually playing videos, it is constantly giving me two error messages:

“The following content is not available on this application.”
“One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message.”

So after a bit of research I found out that the plugin recently broke, and that a new version of the plugin had just released, and that it apparently would solve this issue (old version is 6.8.25, new version is

Pretty simple, install the new plugin onto my USB drive, plug it in, install from zip file, and it should work, right? Well, it gives me this error message:

“The dependancy on inputstream.adaptive version 20.3.1 could not be satisfied.”

I checked and the plugin InputStream Adaptive, it was enabled and running 20.0.10, so I suspect that I need to update this plugin so I can install this other plugin… this is dreadful.

The entire experience with OSMC and plugins cannot be described as anything but dreadful, trying to get the USB drive to be read and recognized in order to attempt the zip file instalation took nearly an hour, I need some pointers and some hope here as my patience is very quickly running out, I could not for the life of me get the logs out of the device, as it refused to upload them, and the other option was to transfer them to a non-existant SD card, I tried anyway, didn’t transfer them to my USB drive.

Any help is appreciated, to replicate this all I did is: Settings → Add-on Browser → Install from ZIP file → USB Drive (labelled as the amount of storage) → plugin.video.youtube-

We haven’t supported Apple TV for several years.

It’s too old to run a modern version of @anxdpanic’s YouTube add-on.

Those add-ons are for modern versions of OSMC.
This is why things are not working as expected



So, at this point, now what? What would be the best course of action here? To stop running OSMC and try to get a more proper version of Linux, get a browser and watch YouTube from there? Get an older version of the plugin? Is there any use I can get out of this old brick?

The device was released in 2007. It’s 16 years old going on 17.

It’s not bad for heating up a room.

Apple ended support for the Apple TV around 2010.
I supported it until 2017.

See Saying goodbye to Apple TV - OSMC for more details.

You can still use it to watch videos off a hard drive or a NAS. But you will find playback performance limited.

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