Digital sound card does not work anymore

Hello everyone, I have been using this Toslink PiHat for years now in a side setup. Today, I noticed that my OSMC hadn’t updated since 11/2020, so I searched, found the hotfix to apply and updated.
Unfortunately, the major update wiped my config.txt and since then, I cannot get the sound to work anymore. I think I remember that I selected the hifiberry-digi overlay last time, but now it does not work anymore. After reboot, there is no sound and when I go to Audio settings, the GUI hangs for a few seconds and then does not display any option for sound output.

Does anyone have any idea how to get this working again?

Currently MyOSMC Pi config is not working correctly.
You would need to edit /boot/config-user.txt and change


Thanks a lot, works like a charm. Is there already an issue report around?

Yes Problem was reported here on the forum already

Okay, I checked, apparently the forum is considered as reporting in parallel to the git issue tracker. Thanks again.