Dim or disable the blue LED?

I like the form factor of the Vero 2, but the blue LED dries me nuts. Is there a way to disable or dim it via osmc, or am I stuck with electrical tape?

We will add an option for this soon

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super, I need that too :slightly_smiling:

Hi Sam, Just received my shiny new Vero 2 in Melbourne Australia today. Yes would be great to have the option to dim the blue led and even let it only shown dimmed when the remote is being used.

Great work!

Can the LED be controlled by writing to some /sys files?
I’ve tried all I could find (sudo find /sys|grep led) but without luck.
It’s very annoing because the case is not fully opaque, and I can’t hide the light without covering the whole case (which will fry the CPU, I guess). In a full dark room, any LED is distracting.
If it will not be controlled with the Android version, I’ll go with LEDesectomy.

I will include this in the next update. I have recently worked on this as I understand bright LEDs do frustrate some of our customers.

Further, I’ve disabled the LED by default, so you’ll see it briefly when the device is booting only. We may also use the LED to tell users when they shouldn’t pull the plug (ideally never…) as OSMC is updating. @DBMandrake and I have some ideas for when to use the LED.

For now, if you really must disable the LED before the update, you can run

wget apt.osmc.tv/pool/main/v/vero2-source-3.10.101-1-osmc/vero2-image-3.10.101-1-osmc_1_armhf.deb -O kernel.deb
sudo dpkg -i kernel.deb
rm kernel.deb
sudo reboot



The new kernel image (3.10.101) seems to work.

The led on my Vero 4k is always on. Can I turn that off as well?

Unfortunately not for Vero 4K.

On Vero 2, we’re not really disabling the LED. See Disable blue light - #7 by sam_nazarko.


A small strip of Black electrical PVC tape over the led, will solve the problem.

Thanks Tom.

Ok. Will have to go for the elegant tape solution then😏 It’s much too brightbfor a sleeping room and mounting on the back of the tv is not an option as the tv is waal-mounted.