Direct Access to OSMC without Router possible?

Hi, I wonder if it’s possible to connect to a headless OSMC without a router as access point. I like to control OSMC from my Phone with Kodi remote control app or via VNC for nomadic use in my car. My Edimax EW-7811Un may not be the best choice as access point, i can’t even enable Thethering mode, which I hoped is a solution. Generally I managed to use the Edimax on RPI as access point, unfortunately not together with OSMC. I would highly appreciate your recommendation. Best regards from Germany.

If you want to control OSMC from your phone why don’t you just tether on your phone and connect OSMC to the phone than you also give OSMC access to the internet for updates.

Hi, as I mentioned, thetering does not work with Edimax EW-7811Un. Except anybody can advise, how to install the required drivers on OSMC. I also like to connect without having internet access at all. The idea is to give the WIFI dongle a fixed IP adress as addess point.

You didn’t catch me. I suggested to tether on your mobile phone.

Aah, got you. Excellent Idea. Strange, that I never thought about that :slight_smile: I’ll try and come back.

Hi, I’m having the same problem, did the tethering thing work for you? Thanks.

Hi, I didn’t manage to get the Edimax USB stick work in thetering mode. However for me it was ok, to activate my iPhone’s personal hotspot. So I was able to connect PI and phone in my car.