Dis/enable Hardware remote control by API


Since my daughter is 10 months she really likes to play around with the OSMC Remote control. Next time in turn on the TV/projector some random stuff is playing. I dont want to put the remote out of her range. She realy has a lot of fun with it.

I could send some API commands everytime i enable and power off the AVR Receiver. My idea is to disable the IR remote via HTTP API in OSMC and enable it again when i start the AVR.

Is that possible? Are there commands for the IR remote?


I don’t think so, but here’s a list of everything you can do with the Kodi API:


I don’t see anything that would let you disable the remote. Maybe take the battery out when you’re not using it?

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Make you could unplug the USB dongle between sessions? :slightly_smiling_face:


I would think this would be easiest if you didn’t just want to purchase a second remote and not connect it.

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thanks for your help.

Remove the battery maybe would be the easiest solution. Not smart but simple and i have to save the battery).
Removing the usb-dongle is also a good hint. Maybe i can disable the usb-port via ssh and reanable it. Would be a nice try.

You can likely disable it via SSH, but re-enabling without a reboot could be tricky.

If that is really the route you want to go down then an option would be to make a keymap that just has a “noop” action for all the keys and then just make a script that moves or renames it then runs “kodi-send -a reloadkeymaps”. This would effectively get you to the same place.

Alternatively you could noop all the keys on a single window you don’t normally use (weather?) and then just long-press keymap one button to a back action to allow you to get back out without having to do anything outside of the interface.