Disable blue light

Just recieved my Vero 4K, how do I disable the blue LED light?


You can’t disable the blue LED. It can be switched to red: we do this during certain processes such as updates or to indicate the device is turned off if you shut down from Kodi or the command line.


Black tape.

Ok thanks, I’ll just hide it then :smirk:

There is a TV mounting kit in your package, so if you do want to put it behind your TV, it’s a good excuse :slight_smile:

is the old code from vero2 not working here to disable the led?

With the Vero 2 we weren’t really disabling the LED per se.

The LED can be driven in two states, high or low, and this results in either red or blue. If you look closely we actually make the LED red on the Vero 2, but we ensured the LED window was thick and didn’t show most of this light through.