DIsable connman and use "traditional" networking

Is there a way to disable or uninstall connman and use “traditional debian” networking with /etc/network/interfaces?
I thought about uninstalling armv7-connman-osmc but didn’t do it, as it wants to remove too many packages as a consequence.


You can do this, but it will be an unsupported installation. I’m not sure there’s a good reason to do this.

I need to use a bridge. Can’t do it using connman. And I’m more comfortable with traditional networking. Any clues how to to that?

This isn’t supported - ConnMan is an integral part of the system.

You can remove the packages at your own discretion however.

Is there any conflict between connman and the bridge-utils package?


Before doing this you can set ConnMan to ignore an interface:


You may need to install additional packages to manage to interface(s) as required, but as Sam this is unsupported. You better off exploring options that work with connman, such as dilthedog suggests bridge-utils.

Thanks Tom.