Disable messages BUSY Please Wait

I using a raspberry pi to play videos continuously and I want it to be a seamless interfaceless experience.
I think I’ve managed to squash all the auto updates, but occasionally I’ll still see a “BUSY… Please Wait” while it loads the next video.

I would like to either

  1. Disable the message
  2. Dial in my compression so this doesn’t happen

I’m currently playing 640x360 video files encoded with h.264 MAIN at 3000kbps. Maybe the bitrate is too high?

You may be able to suppress the busy popup with:


in advancedsettings.xml. Increase the delay as required.

Looks like either that worked or encoding at 1500kbs worked, either way thanks for your help!

EDIT: Almost immediately after I wrote the above I got it again. Back to the drawing board.

Do you get the same behavior from Kodi on say, a full desktop computer? I suspect this may be an issue attributable to Kodi itself.

Did you “Increase the delay as required.”? Try making it 1000000 for example.

Is this confirmed to get rid of the “Busy Please Wait” message? I’m working on creating some playlist also and want to simply play each video cleanly.

I tried it and it doesn’t seem to work. Should a new formatting be used with KODI 18?