Disable sidebar


I need to completely disable the blue sidebar. Can You help me how to do this?

I don’t think that you can disable the sidebar without some serious reprogramming of the skin.
BTW, looks like the scan mode of your TV is wrong. Search for a setting called “Just Scan” or “1:1”

Thanks, I will correct that.

If anyone knows what .xml needs to be deleted (if it can be disabled via this method) from skin, let me know.

It will be a different xml for each window. Do you need to disable it from all windows or just one/some?

It would be great for all, but at least in PVR.

(I am using Apple remote with atvclient interface, and for some reason if I enter to a menu it opens the sidebar, weird).

Thank you

How else would you access the context menu? And what do you expect to happen on ‘menu’?

Edit: I see the problem - you are getting the wrong sidebar. Which Apple remote and which device are you running?

I am using this remote and method:



Based on this I have 4 direction arrow keys + middle key + Menu + Play/Pause button:


For some reason when I enter for example to the PVR menu the sidebar is opening, like when I click on the left button. I don’t know what’s the exact name of this menu, but I don’t need it, there are only things like sorting options etc.

The sidebar is meant to open if you press the Left directional arrow. This will happen on other remotes to. It’s the only way to configure some viewing options.

It’s not meant to open when you press on PVR however unless you also press Left. Check your keymaps.

Just to be clear, this is what you should see (in your own language) if you press Menu.


So if i am in PVR menu and I press Menu:

(View: timeline, group: etc…)

I get same menu If I click on Back button. Maybe this is a pvr menu specific thing?

If I click again on Menu or Back I get back to the main menu:

If I long click on Menu in PVR I get the menu you posted:

Your remote doesn’t seem to have a ‘back’ button, just left/right navigation buttons, so are you saying you can’t move left in the EPG grid but get that menu instead? That would be annoying.

The menu should only appear if you navigate left to the beginning of the grid.

I am going back with the Menu button on the remote.

I tried with Back button in iOS app and the menu still appears (as you wrote it should only if you click on left button).

Not quite. The menu does appear using the back button - otherwise the only way to get it would be to scroll right to the beginning of the EPG. It’s the same with the OSMC remote.

TBH I can’t understand what you want to achieve. If you ‘get rid of’ the sidebar menu, how will you access those functions?

Here, the sidebar disappears if I click on the right navigation button. Does this help?