Disable Vero 4k+ standby?

How do I disable the standby functionality on the Vero 4k - i.e. when the device is idle and the LED on the front goes red?

I’ve been having a few issues (at least seemingly) related to this, namely that:

  • CEC via my TV often doesn’t turn the Vero back on (intermittent - seems related to how long it’s been idle), need to use the supplied remote to wake it back up
  • Other devices trying to hit services running on the Vero (mainly Kodi) start failing unpredictably - namely HomeAssistant which somehow has real issues with the whole VM once the Vero is in standby trying to query Kodi

It’s not Kodi itself doing it - I’ve got the settings under Power saving both set to “Off”, and the old raspberry pi based system the Vero replaced (and the other Pi-based OSMC in the house) both don’t suffer from this and behave as I’d expect with no issues


You can do this under Settings → Input → Peripherals → CEC.
It’s likely your TV or AVR that’s putting your device in to standby.


Looks like that was it, thanks Sam!

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