Disabling bright blue LED on Vero 4K?

I’m wondering if there’s any software control over the bright blue LED on the front of the Vero 4K?

Before anyone suggests putting electrical tape over it - I did that, and unfortunately the blue leaks out of the vents on the side and underneath. If I tape up the whole thing I’m sure it would overheat!

My shelf is open and in my bedroom, so any light I find distracting when trying to sleep.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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Is the red any better? You can try it by going to Power -> Suspend.
If so – we can advise on how to change this.

Not really, sadly. Looks about the same, except - you know - red instead of blue. So we can’t just turn it off then? :frowning:

I agree, the light is actually really bad. Option to turn it completely off would be preferred, and for the future - please avoid these overly bright lights (of any type).

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The LED can’t be turned off unfortunately as it’s hardwired. It can only switch colour depending on the device’s state…

Ugh. Sad news. Thank you for the update. I guess I’ll have to get creative, or just hide it somewhere. Shame. :frowning:

Black Edding

Well, I’d have to open it up to do that. Don’t really want to disassemble the Vero!

I’d be interested in a patch to swap the led colours, so blue is shown when suspended or off, and red when on (although for safety/debugging the thermal governor state colour would also need changing to blue).

Happy to hack around via ssh if you can point me in the right direction.

Thanks for all the hard work.

you can use tape or the so called lightdim Stickers. You can buy them online.

I have them. They’re no effective in this particular case because the light leaks out of the actual vents on the unit.

Since 90’ i am very dissapointed with overusing led’s, if i remember very decent control lights on instruments from 1980 - 1990. Today looks almost everything like christmas tree. :frowning:


Agreed. It’s mega annoying. I have to slap electrical tape or dim-it strips on pretty much everything in my house.

And how can I swap these colours?

You can change it via /sys/class/leds/brightness (from the top of my head).
Standby mode will revert this however.


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