Disappearing Library files when viewing

I have an external USB drive plugged into my Vero 4K+ with rips of my 130 3D BluRay discs shared as ISOs.

Up until the latest update, I have had no issues playing these, and the playback is still fine, except when I stopped playing them.

Even if only a few seconds playback has elapsed, when stopping and returning to the library the file has disappeared. I have to go back into the drive and rescan the metadata in order for it to reappear.

Can anyone help with this?!

I don’t remember ever hearing of an issue that matches what you describe, nor can I think of anything that could cause this other than corruption of your database. If you posted some debug logs then perhaps some insight can be had.

Can you reproduce this with a file on internal storage or on another source?

Could you upload some logs so we can check you don’t have some settings enabled like ‘Hide Watched’?


Thank you both. I’ve since reinstalled the Kodi skin I was using (Arctic Zephyr Reloaded) and completely rebuilt my library from scratch.

So far, I haven’t been able to recreate the issue and so I’m happy that it may have simply resolved itself after those actions.

I appreciate the support, and apologise that I submitted a half-baked concern without providing the adequate log files. I’ve now read up on the proper method of submitting an issue with the logs and so will do that should I encounter any further problems.

Lastly, I’d like to stress how happy I am with the 4K+ and how it does a superb job of mounting and playing full frame-packed 3D ISOs. It’s fulfilled everything I bought it to do and more so thanks so much!

Just to clarify as well, I didn’t have hide watched ticked and when browsing through the file manager within Videos rather than Movies, the files would be displayed as blank icons unmatched to any metadata. By clicking them again it would then rescan and add back into the movies library.

Very strange, but as I’ve just posted, I have taken some steps to rebuild the library fully and it seems to have solved the problem. I will post logs if it happens again.

Thanks for your help!

Let’s keep an eye on things.

Glad to hear this!