Disappearing TV episodes

Many of my stored TV episodes are no longer accessible via the “TV Shows” UI.

The episodes have scraped successfully in the past. The actual video files are accessible by going into Videos/Files and navigating to the appropriate location. The library is aware that it has previously scraped episodes of the show in question, and it knows how many episodes of the show should be available, but when I actually select the show by its title, no episodes show up in the UI.

On top of that, if I reboot, it will sometimes actually scrape the episodes a second time. So instead of showing “14 episodes available” it ends up showing “28 episodes available”, but only display 14 when I go into the show. And eventually they will go AWOL again, and then be scraped a third time, and so on.

Some logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/venivokuno

Sounds like you’ve mistakenly selected hide watched from the left side blade menu.

Does this problem also show up the same way in Estuary?

The missing episodes are all unwatched, and Hide Watched is not checked.

Yes, same issue in Estuary.

Hmmm, if Estuary is doing the same, and your talking about multiple shows, I don’t have any ideas other than your db has gone tits up.

EDIT: Turn video tag reading off in your settings, bring up the info for the show and refresh all episodes and see if that helps.

Is there any way to force it to reconstruct the DB completely from scratch? (It’s using a local DB, not MySQL).

You mean dump your video db and leave everything else alone? Yes. You just delete the thumbnails folder, “Textures13.db” and “MyVideos116.db”, after you’ve stopped mediacenter. You will have to set content on your sources again after that as that info is stored in the db that you deleted.

Sorry, missed this first time through.

That does seem to fix things, at least for the moment. It remains to be seen whether they stay fixed or if the episodes start going AWOL again!

Sorry, should have did a second post instead of editing. It came to mind a minute after hitting enter on ‘I don’t have any other ideas’ :grin:

That may have been the cause. Kodi gets a bit weird with the same source files getting scanned in as different shows sometimes and that setting can really mess things up if their happens to be tags present as they will most likely make the scan fail. I’d recommend using the “Missing Movies” add-on to find any other funkyness and do the same refresh on what it finds. Do note that it will flag any split source TV show (one show with episodes split across different top level folders) so you can ignore them.