Disk Encryption

Not sure if this is supported in OSMC OS but I thought I will request this if it isn’t.

Please add support for disk encryption where it will encrypt all the data on the main drive and require a password when booting up the system to decrypt the system and continue booting into the OS.

Many Linux distros support this such as Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Arch, Manjaro, etc.

OSMC is based on Debian.

You haven’t specified which device you’re talking about. Sam will be better able to advise, but I have my doubts if it would work on a Vero4K/+.

I would like to inquire in the Vero4K and Raspberry Pi devices

Assuming that you are talking about the whole OS to be encrypted that surely will not happen as it would unnecessary complicate the system for its main purpose of being a media center.

If you want to encrypt your home folder or any data you store on the device you can use all Debian tools/solutions.

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@trymeout BTW veracrypt is not available via apt but it compiles easily for armv7.

Are you trying to use this on the root filesystem or for an external drive?

If it’s for the root filesystem, it would require initramfs changes, and the changes could be quite large and invasive.

Otherwise, this should be possible.