Disney+ doesn't show video - instead sad face

I installed OSMC new with latest version on RPI 3+ SD and Disney+ from Slyguy.
When I want to start a video I got the question which quality, after that I got the sad face.
If I change the Disney addon option to “best quality” or any other, OSMC crashes also.

I installed Disneys Addon twice, also widevine (I come from Libreelec). No idea what to do now.

Logfile https://paste.osmc.tv/enufiwuhaj

Thank you!

this is a guess, run this in a ssh session:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-cryptography python3-pycryptodome python3-pip

reboot and try again

Unfortunately no change.

okey the I’ll do a clean image on an osmc machine here. And try to get Disney+ to work, I’ll be back

Made update of OSMC today and beside sometimes black screens at video start, it runs.

Found new problems with NFS access in the new OSMC baseline, but different story.


Thank you for the feedback, this task fail between tasks here at home with 14 year old home from school for almost two weeks.

I was happy too early, it is gone again, but I see that I have an very old inputstream adaptive installed, 20.3 and I think I need an 21.x.

But, there is no way to install a new one???

Ok, I tried to search for updates via MyOSMC → nothing found
Then I did

apt-get update
apt-get dist-upgrade

and it is working again.
Inputstream is still on 20.3

I am/was a long time LibreELEC user, this is not straight forward for me.

PS: I really like the OSMC skin, but, my TV is 3 m away and the small fonts, especially in the setup is too small

PPS: The fog clears up slowly… 20.3 is the last Nexus version, I noticed that the April Update is still on Kodi 20.5, unfortunately it has already the strange playlist behavior when not all local links are available (huge start delay and stop of queue at a dead link instead of skipping).