Disney+ in a browser?


i read that disney+ now works on linux,

could i run a firefox or chrome on osmc to use webversion of disney+ (on RPI and / or Vero4k ? )

have a nice day and stay safe :slight_smile:

ps : i dont think an “official app” is possible right ?

While you can run a Desktop with a browser on OSMC it would come without HW acceleration which means it is quite unlikely that it plays the video smoothly.

I believe there will be an InputStream add-on (so usual restrictions apply) in the future for Disney +.

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is this legal or bannable by the service ?

i guess by restriction you mean 720p max ?

progress is readable there : HLS with Widevine support? (Disney+) · Issue #353 · peak3d/inputstream.adaptive · GitHub

does this mean you read the stream directly, interface is not yet supported ?

Bannable yes, illegal… no, unless they have some T&CS that say you must use an official application.

You would of course have to pay for a subscription.

i see, thank you :slight_smile:

so best hope should be kodi’s web browser wich is in dev.

No – I think an InputStream add-on will suffice.