Display audio/video track time on Nixie tubes (Gra & Afch hat)

I was looking at the Gra & Afch nixie tube clock hat, and was wondering if the nixie tubes could be used to display the currently playing audio or video track time. So the idea is that it would display the time when no media file is playing, and display the track time when there is a media file playing in OSMC.
I was wondering if code for something like this is already out there, or any help I can get to achieve this goal would be greatly appreciated.

I’m sure it’s possible, but I’d be surprised if there’s already an implementation of this.

I certainly haven’t found anything in my searches. It doesn’t seem like a far-out functionality…

Well outside of my knowledge, but my best guess is that you would probably need to look into how Kodi’s web interface works and then figure out on your clock side how to grab and parse the time data from there.