Display bluetooth pairing key in a more readable fashion

Today, I’ve updated my raspberry pi3 from scratch using the new bullseye image from 2022-09-18. I did the installation without USB keyboard, I could do it by ssh and kodi’s webinterface. Next I wanted to pair a bluetooth keyboard (commands typed via web gui). I could initialize pairing without a problem. But now the pin is being displayed in a small window in the upper right of my TV. That window is to small for the full pin thus it’s scrolling back&forward. It took me 10 tries till I finally could enter the correct key.

Please display the pairing key

  • for a longer timespan
  • within a window large enough to avoid scrolling.

Even better, try to automatically pair bluetooth devices during first installation (similar to bullseye raspian). But I understand that it’s not trivial to discover the “intended” device - during my pairing 3 devices have been discovered.

Regards, Michael

It’s not possible to do any sort of automatic pairing. Although devices supporting BT 2.1 and above often don’t need a PIN.

I just tried and I don’t get any scrolling of the PIN message - not in English or German and not at 1080p or 720p. The PIN for my keyboard is 6 digits which I think is ‘standard’. What skin are you using?

Can you show a photo of what you see?

It’s also possible you have overscan enabled on your TV


I have to admit that I’m using the standard kodi skin (not the OSMC one) - just a matter of taste. On the attached photo you’ll see that kodi uses a standard message box to display the pin - due to the long (German) text it must scroll. On the photo the pin itself is not within the visible part - it will appear in the second line:

@grahamh: Of course you can’t avoid to enter a pin if the bluetooth device requests it. But OSMC could try to do a bluetooth pairing during installation displaying the necessary pin. The goal should be to do an installation without USB keyboard. Nevertheless for new users it might be helpful to give a message like “Connect an USB keyboard first” during installation.

Regards, Michael