Display covers on TV Shows plugin

I want to know how I can have the covers of the TV Shows displays as same as on the picture About - OSMC
By default the scrapper shows a picture extracted from the episode, whitch can spoil …

So can someone tell me how to displays the covers of the TV Show instead of a picture from the episode ?

Thank you for your help.

As long as you’re using library mode this should be the case already


I use the widget to see the recomended episodes, the problem is that I see a picture of the episode but I prefer to have the cover of the TV Show …


I have the same problem. On the recent episode widget for the tvshows I can’t have the cover of the tvshow, instead I have a preview of the episode.

I would like it as in the screenshot of osmc which is on your website. I hope this is possible because sometime it really spoils.