Display not detected through receiver

This might be a general Kodi issue, but its on the Vero V, so I’ll start here. What is happening is that if my Vero V is plugged into the receiver, which then sends the signal to the TV, it doesn’t detect resolutions above 1280x720. However if I plug it directly into the the TV, it goes all the way up to 4K for detecting resolutions. This is a pain as I can get it to do 1080p for the menu by booting it while plugged into the TV directly and then swap to the receiver and it keeps the setting. However, is there a way to force a display setting or list all available displays (as opposed to detected displays). I’m sure its a shortcoming of the receiver, but it still works great and there’s no reason to replace it for this.

Yes – it’s possible to override the modes reported by the receiver. You can either do this with a display_cap file or a custom EDID. We anticipate making it easier to customise the EDID in the near future.


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll research those options.

Make sure the TV is turned on before Vero reads the EDID. That read will (should) happen when you:

  • turn on the AVR
  • switch the AVR input to Vero
  • plug Vero in to an active AVR input or, if all else fails
  • restart Kodi with Power->Exit

The read may not happen if you turn on the AVR before the TV.