Display not working after March update

After updating my Vero 4K to the latest update, the display stopped working. My TV just says “Invalid video format”. After waiting for 5 minutes or so I restarted the Vero by pulling the power. When it starts up I get a grey screen for maybe 5 seconds, then “Invalid video format” again.

Kodi seems to be “working” because the Yatse app on my phone can connect with no problems. SSH to the Vero also works. If I manually change the resolution by typing something like “echo 720p60hz > /sys/class/display/mode” I get the grey screen back, but I can’t get any further. (Note I have a 4K TV)

Logs available here: https://paste.osmc.tv/enovafewef
Help much appreciated!

Err okay, so nevermind, I guess… Came back a few hours later, turned on the TV and suddenly everything was working fine. Strange, never seen anything like it.

Let us know if it happens again.