Display other MP3/FLAC tag information

When playing music I can see the Artist name, Album/year, Title, Genre, but how do I get Comment etc displayed?

Which skin are you using?

The standard as shipped OSMC skin

No other information than what you mentioned is shown with our OSMC Skin and it’s not planned to show more. We’re displaying the most common and useful, but there are simply too many possible tag fields to show all of them.

Thanks for your reply. However I would like to register a request that at least Comment is added should you change your minds.

Noted :+1:t2:

This will be added to the next skin version… Have had a look and there should be enough space to show this line of information in the music OSD same as in the music info dialog:

Thanks that is just the exactly what I had in mind.
When will the skin update be available?

Shouldn’t be too long, but no firm ETA.

While using Musicbrainz I notice that there is a tag “Description” which carries the same sort of information that you can see in “Comments”. Is it the same tag? Can the OSMC Skin pick up both or just select which one is required. Or am I just going off on a tangent?

If this is picked up by Kodi either into the Album_Description or the Artist_Description infolabels, then we’re already showing this:

Here is an example of what I was referring to.
In this screenshot you can see that MusicBrainz Picard is reporting both a Comment and Description.

In this screenshot you can see that this is caused by the comment tag having the same entry separated by a “-” (easytag)

In this screenshot you can see that I deleted the extra from the comment tag using easytag.

In this screenshot you can see that the “Comment” has gone from MusicBrainz Picard and that the “Description” is still there.

I then saved the file in Picard and in this screenshot you can see that the “Comment” has gone from the tag in easytag.

So what is going on?

Honestly, no idea. I can only tell you that Kodi offers artist and album description infolabels that normally get populated via scraper. But there’s no description tag per se, only a comment tag.

Thanks for your answer. I will tray and make sure that I do not have duplicate entries like this in other tags.