Display profile picture in skin

I use OSMC with two different profiles. Is there a way to easily distinguish the profiles? The “best” i have found so far is to have a different background colour for each. But ideally I would like to either:

  • Display the profile picture on the home page
  • Or display the profile name somewhere on the home page.

Is this possible at all?

The Estuary Skin has options to do ether in settings>interface>skin>configure skin>general>configure kind of profile identification>. Making a background image for each profile that has the identification should get you to the same place though.

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Ooh that background image customisation is a good idea! Thanks

And would you know where I can find the default background images please? I quite like them so I could just make a copy and modify them.

Which skin are you using? You can probably find the skin on github along with its included artwork.

Thanks - I use the default OSMC skin, and I have found it in the repo :slight_smile:


If you using a skin that makes use of script.skinshortcuts, you can change (for example) the name of the first menu item to match be the profile name (or whatever you like). for example, you can have the first menu item be the weather link, but name it “Wife” or “Husband”, or “Kids” to make it clear which profile is in use. You can also can change the color scheme.

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All of those customizations are available for the OSMC Skin :+1:t2:

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Thanks, great suggestions. I’ve had an issue previously where the main menu shortcuts would revert to the default ones after some time, and I wasn’t able to troubleshoot that easily. Maybe because I am using Jellyfin for Kodi, maybe because I use separate profiles, or both together?
Anyway, I’ll try again! Thanks!