Display Rotation 180 no longer works

Hello folks,

my starting situation is a Picture Frame with a up side down intallated Screen (not possible otherwise)

For Years it works fine with the Opthion in MyOSMC Settings to Rotate 180, after a Update doesn’t do it anymore. (Without touching the Settings.

If have tried to turn the Option off and on again. - Failed

I have waited 1 or 2 Updates, but i never was fixed.

I have tried to wirite the Config with a Rotation Code (only one at a Time):


All Failed.

After this, i have wiped the ssd and reinstalld the newest version of OSMC, but i doesnt work.

It seem, that the Option MyOSMC Settings to rotate the Display is broken.

Or is there a other Idea?

Thx all and a happy new Year

Which version of OSMC did you update from?

There is a new video stack for Raspberry Pi, and it’s possible this functionality is no longer supported if you updated from a version before Kodi v19.