Display stops working with upgrade to Kodi 19

My display no longer works after upgrade to Kodi 19.
I am using a rather old iiYama E1902S with an HDMI to DVI converter socket as the dispaly for my Vero4k.
After upgrading to Kodi 19 using the instructions given at the top of the Testing thread.
I was able to run the upgrade but lost my video. The display would go into sleep mode with no signal and I could not get the on screen display (OSD) to show. (This is only accessible through buttons on the front of the display.)

At first I thought the upgrade had gone wrong but when I plugged device into my HDMI tv all was good and I had a good display.

I have tried all the options available in the graphics display settings but none work.

If I connect the analogue connection of the iiyama to my laptop at the same time as the vero4k I am able to bring up the OSD and make changes but the display shows the analogue picture not the Kodi screen. In this situation I can make changes using the OSD including preventing auto and changing display setting to digital but once done I lose control and the display goes to sleep.

I conclude that there is probably a timing issue with the display settings but have no idea what to adjust. I hope I can do something using my ssh connection but what do I edit?

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