Displaying audio language track using info tags from .nfo/sql 'streamdetails'


I see often this question at subject forums and would like to ask if ther’re plans and possibility to add this functionality to current osmc skin support ‘from the box’. This would make it more usable and popular. Here is a description how to add it to ‘Estuary’: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=292341.


That’s one for @Chillbo to cover.



Hm… At the moment we only show information about the currently selected audio track and subtitle track during playback in the video info dialog - not the OSD. This actually makes sense: The info dialog is for information about the current playback, the OSD is just for the playback status.
Not using icons for this is actually a deliberate decision to fit the minimalistic look of the whole skin which doesn’t use any colored items except the background image/color and fan art (the video and audio tags in other views are not using any colored icons either).


I meant displaying this tags while listing in library mode like here:

You could add this feature as an option which could be turned on/off in skin settings to keep minimalistic look.


I’ve thought about this before… A) I really hesitate to add any colored icons in any way as we don’t have those anywhere and B) the audio tags in these other views represent just the first audio track. As we don’t show any secondary or even tertiary audio tracks (which is hard/impossible to do anyway), we haven’t provided any language information before. The question is what benefit this would give, if you can’t even see what languages are available for a movie file in general. These flags are just meant as a general, more technical information about the file. Audio tracks can be chosen and are listed with the language information during playback.

Representing language without a colored flag like some skins do it, is not too trivial. In the player info dialog we just use the 3 letter language code in caps. But this wouldn’t really look too good here IMHO. I’ll put some more thought into this, but atm I’m not too convinced why and how to add this… :thinking: