Displaying unmatched content in library

Is it possible to show unmatched content in my library instead of having to go into Files? I have a couple of demo reels (such as Dolby Atmos Amaze) that are not showing up.

You could use NFO files to add them to the Library.

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Is there a quick way of listing all the files that don’t make it to the library? I occasionally notice something missing but don’t know if it’s caught everything.

Not directly from Kodi. I believe that the texturecache.py utility has an option to show files that were not scanned.

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The Missing Movie add-on does this for movies and TV shows. Just be aware that it can be a bit quirky. I’ve noticed that it will flag a file as missing if the file name is the same but the case is different between the database and the actual file (Kodi does not seem to be case sensitive but this add-on is). It will also flag files if you have a single TV show that has files split between more that one Kodi source.

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So my only options is to write an nfo for all of them or use the Missing Movies add-on? That’s a shame as I also wanted to show my PVR recordings in TV Shows, but as it doesn’t find anything for some of them they don’t show up.

Guess that is a naming problem as the tvdb scraper normally has quite a broad variety of TV Show data

It can some random British things, especially at Christmas with one of Xmas special documentaries or the like and they are not in the DB. One it won’t display though is QI. That’s pretty popular and is on TVDB. It even says QI in the top right when scanning the library but nothing shows up.

The wife is getting pretty annoyed with the teething issues I am having with the Vero 4k+ over the weekend :frowning:

Which means you need to check your File Names. You can check the kodi log to see why it can not find it on TVDB.

Alternatively I suggest you to use TinyMediaManager that then also allows you to write nfo files automatically

I’ll have a look, thanks. NextPVR renames them to the Plex format so I may need to turn that off.

I doubt Kodi would have any issue picking up a file naming convention that works for Plex. You seem to be getting a bit flustered but I don’t think this is nearly as complicated as your imagining it to be. The first step is knowing what scraper/s you set for your movies (most likely themoviedb) and for your TV shows (normally either themoviedb or tvdb). For any content that does not automatically get picked up, or does not get picked up correctly, first try to find it on the web site of your scraper. The Dolby Atmos Amaze from your OP for example can be found [here]. This tells you that the file and/or folder (depending on scraping options set) should be in your movie source and titled “Dolby Atmos Amaze Trailer”. If there was no match on the scrapers web site you could make a nfo file where you manually input the info, or use a media manager such as TMM to do this without having to write XML. It is important to note that sometimes content that people think are categorized as being a movie or TV show are the opposite according to the scraper so pay attention to that. For TV shows you should also pay attention to if the scraper uses the year in the name as well. A good example is “Doctor Who” and “Doctor Who (2005)” which is the format tvdb uses to distinguish the two eras of that show and will give very different results. If you have a show that is being particularly difficult it is probably easiest to just slap in a parsing nfo into its folder to ensure a correct match.

This is all assuming we are only talking about a few shows and movies that are not scraping, or scraping correctly. If this is most of your library then there may be some other issue that needs to be addressed. In a reasonably well named and organized file structure Kodi is normally quite good at scraping.