Dist-upgrade breaks ATV install

I think this line:

We recommend however that users upgrade via My OSMC . Upgrading via My OSMC will still ensure that all Debian packages are upgraded.

Should be higher up the page.
I went the

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

route and now my ATV wont boot.

I had only 20 minutes before installed OSMC for the first time via the USB stick

Now when it boots, a blue screen with sad face flashes up and nothing else happens

Apple TV is end of life now.
If you update the system, we’re not sure what will happen as you’ll be introducing Debian updates that haven’t been verified against OSMC’s base.

We recommend sticking with the last stable image.


The most important part that you’ve missed is this sticky at the top of the ATV subforum.


I’m sorry you learned this lesson the hard way but unfortunately, the platform is no longer supportable.

Your only option for the hardware in regards to OSMC is to install 2017.01-1 or earlier (Jarvis) and disable updates. Good luck.