Distorted 4k Image, please help?

Hi there,

Received the Vero 4k+ today and experiencing a vert strange distorted image when choosing 4k resolution in the settings. Please see images linked: https://photos.app.goo.gl/WgoL74jvP8MMotKY7

It happens all of the time, when playing video or on the menus. All other resolutions work fine, but 4k has this issue. The issue is present both out of the box Kodi 17 and in Kodi 18 (I tried the beta, then restored the box to factory).

I have tried searching these forums and elsewhere but not found anyone with the same problem. It could be that I don’t know the proper terms to describe this issue.

Set the GUI to 1080P and enable refresh rate switching,
there are many posts on this forum to use these settings, your GUI will look ok then and your Vero will automatically switch to the right resolution and framerate when you play a 4K video

We don’t recommend running the Vero GUI at 4K resolution as your TV will do a better job at scaling than Kodi.

We are aware of that bug however (it was introduced in the last update) and will be fixed in a couple of days