Distorted Playback after recent update

Literally a few days ago I updated the osmc on my Vero 4K+. Since then when playing all videos I have a strange problem. I can’t even describe it. Like an interlaced or refresh problem. The picture is divided into 2 or 3 parts and it is impossible to watch. In this picture you can see it, and in the filmed video.

Video can be found here: Nextcloud

I tried to adjust the most different settings, but I can not deal with the problem. Previously, everything played back smoothly (but I had an old version, I think it was 18.9).

Can I count on any help?

Did you do a clean install or did you jump from that old Kodi version all the way to current with updates? If the latter you probably need to do a clean install. If this was a clean install you should provide debug logs and mediainfo for that file in a new thread.

No, just update via apt.

I didn’t want to lose the settings and the entire library.

Is there any way to restore at least the library and settings of the volumes mounted over the network?

The backup utility in the My OSMC add-on can backup and restore all your Kodi userdata and system mounts and that can be restored to a clean install.



What I did:

  • fresh install from SD card (Current Version: OSMC December 2023 2023.12-1)
  • didn’t restore anything
  • just add one SMB resource to check

Problem still exists:

Uploaded logs:

Mediainfo of file:

What happens if you set your display mode in Kodi’s settings to 720p (that is what is native to your display isn’t it?) and set settings>player>video>adjust display refresh rate>off?

I known that my TV is quite old :wink: , but no, 720p is not native to my display. Should be 1080p.

I changed only the setting: settings>player>video>adjust display refresh rate to off and it’s helped. Without modifying resolution.

Now every video runs smoothly.

Then I restore full backup (add-ons, settings, etc) and overwrite current settings. Adjust only this one setting of settings>player>video>adjust display refresh rate to off and checked everything again.

Everything works like a charm.

Thank you guys. You guys are doing a great job.

This made me think that it was…

Block 1, CTA-861 Extension Block:
  Revision: 3
  Basic audio support
  Supports YCbCr 4:4:4
  Supports YCbCr 4:2:2
  Native detailed modes: 1
  Video Data Block:
    VIC  16:  1920x1080   60.000 Hz  16:9    67.500 kHz 148.500 MHz
    VIC  31:  1920x1080   50.000 Hz  16:9    56.250 kHz 148.500 MHz
    VIC  32:  1920x1080   24.000 Hz  16:9    27.000 kHz  74.250 MHz
    VIC   4:  1280x720    60.000 Hz  16:9    45.000 kHz  74.250 MHz (native)
    VIC  19:  1280x720    50.000 Hz  16:9    37.500 kHz  74.250 MHz
    VIC   5:  1920x1080i  60.000 Hz  16:9    33.750 kHz  74.250 MHz
    VIC  20:  1920x1080i  50.000 Hz  16:9    28.125 kHz  74.250 MHz

I remember in the early days of flat screen TV’s it being a thing (in the United States at least) that there existed 720p native displays on the low end but they supported input of 1080i at the very least to comply with ATSC regulations. I suspect what is going on here is that Kodi thinks your TV supports some display mode that it doesn’t and that is what is causing the screen tearing. You can keep running like this or if you wanted you could also make a whitelist excluding any problematic modes…

From the EDID, I would guess the panel is indeed 720p but anyway it’s indicated the preferred mode is 1080p and the maximum HDMI clock frequency is high enough to handle that. I can’t think why you would see those effects. Normally playing a 24Hz stream with a 1080p60 video mode could cause issues. But if you’ve found something that works, good.