DLNA Client?


I have videos shared on a DLNA server and also Plex.

Is it possible to access these from OSMC?

I cannot find how to discover the network for DLNA services.


Generally you can find your UPNP server via Video -> Files -> Add Source.
But not sure if you mean you want to use OSMC as a DLNA reciever, that you just can activate in Settings -> Services and then sent the Video from your DNLA source

Hi !
I think he means that the dlna is NOT on the OSMC . He just needs a lcient .
I also have a dlna server in the network but the OSMC does not detect it under Add Source :(.
the dlna server is active and working. (its another raspberry with minidlna)
Any ideas?


did you resolve this issue ? I have the same problem :slight_smile:

Here 's is my config :
-OSMC running Kodi 17.6 on raspberry pi 3
-dlna server running on a tv box on the same network subnet.
i configured “setting/services/UpnP DLNA” with “allow remote control via UPnP” checked. I also tried to configure IP address of dlna server… Still in error.



If you are using kodi a dlna client, then all you need to do when adding video sources is select upnp devices.

Thanks Tom.

The fact is that no upnp devices appear in video sources. I only see local mount points. That’s the question.



Can you please provide a screen shot. I know it works as I use a minidlna server for music and add it as source for my osmc vero4ks.

Thanks Tom.


i was confused by the gui, did not see that text “Browse” was clickable…
I’m sorry :roll_eyes:

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I think there is an issue, here. DNLA servers don’t always show up when you browse for them.

Starting from the main menu, I click on:
Add Videos
UPnP Devices

And at that point I should see a list of all the active DLNA servers on the network. But the Serviio instance I have running on a Windows PC isn’t listed.

This may well be a Kodi issue rather than OSMC. I seem to remember this also didn’t work in Kodi 17 on my Nvidia Shield TV, but it does work in Kodi 18 beta 2.