[Dlna server] OSMC + Pi2

Hi guys, I’m new here. I have received the pi2 model (quad core) and I want to build a media server (dlna server upnp) with an external usb2.0 hd (750gb ntfs).the rasberry pi2 will placed in a different room so I need to access media contents from the tv (a smart tv with LAN access). What is the best solution?thank you


If you’re not plugging the Pi2 directly into the TV not sure why you’d want to be using OSMC?? :confused:

because It s the first time that I use raspberry and Im looking for a dlna server solution.and I have not idea…

Just read up the information at the link ActionA posted, should be quite clear (and easy) from there
While Kodi might be a bit too much overhead if you just want to run a DLNA server.