DLP Projector - resync

I am currently struggling to get OSMC completely running on my RPi2.
My setup ist like this:

RPi -> Panasonic 5.1 Reciever -> 1x2 HDMI Splitter -> 2m HDMI (Panasonic TV) and 25m HDMI cable (Acer P1500 DLP projector)

The RPi has the latest OSMC version installed, the display output is set to 1080p24.
Unfortunately some movies (23.98 fps) are stuttering, so I enabled the “sync framerate to video” option in the menu.
Now the movies play smoothly, the only problem I now got is that my DLP projector starts resyncing to the source every 2 minutes.
As I start the video the dlp syncs, which is okay as it needs to adjust the colorwheel to match the new fps send by the Pi, but then it resyncs every 2-3 minutes (I hear the colorwheel reving up and down and the screen says “Processing signal”).

I tried a bunch ob different config.txt setting all without any change.

HDMI_IGNORE_EDID = 0xa5000080
HDMI_IGNORE_CEC = 1 (didn’t gave me any picture at all when starting a movie)

all without any success.

Has anybody a solution to this problem

Thanks in advance

Are you sure your projector supports 23.976Hz and not just 24Hz ?

What happens if you set ‘adjust display refresh rate’ back to off (I assume this is the setting you mean, not sync framerate to video, as there is no such setting) and manually set your output refresh rate to 24Hz, does it still do it ? How about if you manually set your output refresh rate to 23.976 ?

Hi, sorry yes, that ist the setting (using german as my OSMC language). When I set the option to off and my framerate to 24 I experience some stutters in the videos that are 23.976, when I set it to 23.98 I experience some stutters in the 24p movies (quite logical as the don’t match). I won’t resync then, playing without problems apart from the stutter here and then. Although I like that option as it is more convenient than always changing the framerates back and forth. Also with 23.98 the animations (scrolling etc.) look kind of teared (remembers me of playing video games without V-Sync)

Yes I understand that setting it manually to a non matching rate will cause some stutter - but what I’m asking is does setting it manually to 24Hz prevent your projector resyncing ? I’m wondering if the projector doesn’t properly support 23.976Hz.

Yes setting it manually to 24Hz stops the resyncing issue, I won’t resync once then. Also setting it manually to 23.98Hz stops the resync issue. The problem only then is, as i said, not knowing which movie has which framerate which is then kind of a pain to switch it manually.

Straight from the manual

Are there any logs that I could send over to track down the problem?

Ah, so manually forcing it to either 23.976 or 24Hz does not cause a resync during video playback but in adjust mode it does ?

Hopefully @popcornmix will see this - some configuration options will cause the HDMI clock to be “bent” slightly to keep sync, this can cause sync issues with some very fussy devices, I believe there are config.txt overrides that can change this.

Also I think the player supports videos with varying/changing frame rates, and this can potentially trigger incorrectly causing a brief change in frame rate, but this would only happen with adjust display refresh rate is enabled.

Try http://kodi.wiki/view/Raspberry_Pi_FAQ#Audio_or_video_dropouts_on_HDMI
The first option (hdmi_clock_change_limit=20 to config.txt) sounds most likely.

Thanks a lot! That option solved it, no resync and smooth playback!