Do DVB-T2/DVB-C TV dongle work in Hong Kong?

Just as the title says. I currently live n Hong Kong and got tired of replacing cheap DTV boxes every year as they break down. Figured it is more convenient to get all my media through my new Vero 4k+ - the best Kodi platform I used since my first original Xbox in early 2000…

Anyway, the only thing making me hesitate is that I am uncertain if the dongle in this shop will work in Hong Kong so I thought I better ask first.

As far as I have been able to find info online, Hong Kong was considering DVB-T2, but then implemented DMB-T/H (now known as [DTMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast - Wikipedia)).

So, can anyone confirm if the dongle here will work/not work for me?


No, it will not work. As you wrote Hong Kong went for the DTMB solution (very similar but still different). So you would need a DTMB stick and you would need one that is supported by OSMC.
I still have one flying around that I was planning to reactive.
If I get it working I can let you know the chip/brand.

Thanks fzinken, at least I will not wast my money on a good dongle that I cant use until (if) I move back to Sweden… There are a lot of dongles around here from China, but I don’t really dare to buy any without knowing if they are compatible - not when I am not comfortable tweaking tvheadend.

It’s not so much about tweaking tvheadend but driver support. Let me check the one I have.
Also driver support should improve soon when @sam_nazarko move to the new kernel for the Vero.

Ah, that just shows how little i know about tvheadend (never looked at it before today…)
on tvheadend forum i got referred to DTMB devices - LinuxTVWiki.

If i get around to do it tomorrow I’ll visit my local store here and see if they have any for cheap

Ok let me know how you go. I think I have a Oleia and a MyGica. As mentioned with current kernel driver support is somewhat limited as every driver needs to be back ported.
I would be able to test mine only by next week.

@stefan1 I looked at the link and it seems situation hasn’t improved from when I looked at it 8 years ago.
I don’t think you can buy any that will work out of the box with Linux

Ah, ill hold back then - thanks

I will take a look at the two I have next week but reading through that links make me feel not very positive

Hi @stefan1,

took a bit longer than a week. And sofar I only found 1 of the two sticks. It’s a Asus MyCinema U3100 and that one I think I never got working. When I now started google I found this.

This seems to indicate that the Mygica D286 could potentially work.

But then I also found this
Which might indicate I have a chance with the U3100.

Will keep you updated.

Thanks, I’m following this :smiley: