Do I need/want OSMC

My current media server config is a Win 10 PC running PlayOn server and a Roku at each of two TVs in the house that provide the client side access to the server.

I’ve ripped many DVDs onto an internal HDD in the media server and PlayOn provides a (frankly mediocre) interface to get at what I’ve archived.

I’ve done some reading about OSMC and I’m having trouble discerning what it might offer beyond what I’ve already got. If I did it, I’m thinking of acquiring a Raspberry Pi 4 box I could load it on and place it at the TV.

So my questions are 1) Will OSMC add anything to my current configuration that I’m missing out on and don’t realize it (added functionality, ease of use, etc.) an 2) If I should add OSMC on Raspberry Pi, can I still grab the data off my existing server or should I get an external HDD to contain my media?

please bear with me, I’m a relative neophyte in regard to all of this.

Thanks for the advice.
Bill Lugg

That is as of today not supported by OSMC

I suggest to check out Kodi to understand and compare the media functions that OSMC offers and compare it with what you currently have

Yes the Media can stay on your server. You can then use DLNA, SMB or NFS to share it with the OSMC devices.