Documentation about "Enable database" option?

I’m trying to setup a central Kodi database on the same pi3 where OSMC is running (so that it’s also accessible from other devices).
I came across the Enable Database options in OSMC “Network settings” but can’t find any information about what this exactly does.
Will it setup a new shared database?
Or is it just to connect to an existing shared database?


should give you all the documentation you need

The option you are seeing is for configuring a connection to an existing database. The link @Toast provided is what you want if you are installing MySQL for the first time.

or if you have an existing one you can use the kodi wiki to see how you should configure the other client :slight_smile: pretty much in black and white on the wiki not just first setup

Thanks for your quick replies!
I know about the wiki and set it up like that. I think I got OSMC connected properly (by filling in the values in the Enable database fields) to that shared database I created (on the same pi). So for Kodi/OSMC I don’t need to bother anymore about the advancedsettings.xml right? Because that’s basically what that Enable Database setting does?

Now I’ll need to troubleshoot why my Windows KODI is not connecting to the database.
Connecting to the database using HeidiSQL from the windows machine does work so it must be something with Kodi/advancedsettings.xml.

I’ll report later on if I don’t succeed and need help.

Yes. Though there have been some reported issues with the feature. If you run into issues, just confirm the advanced settings.xml manually.

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