Does 1080p HEVC (h265) on RPi3?

I currently have an RPi Model B (first gen) which I use as a bedroom media centre with OSMC. I have recently been using HEVC videos as my standard which work fine on my PC but the RPi struggles to play them at 1fps! I have read through the forums and it sounds like the RPi 3 should be able to play them smoothly? Is this correct? If so I will order one asap. To be clear, I don’t need 4k playback. Most of my HEVC videos are 720p but some are 1080p .


Most 720p should be fine, for 1080p it really depends on several factors you might only get 50% playing fine.
Only OSMC device that plays all of them without issue is the Vero4k (evenso you don’t need 4k)

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Can you hint as to what some of these factors might be? Bitrate? Audio codec? Other?

Bitrate is quite a factor also 10-Bit would not play on Pi3


My pi3B will play 10 bit HEVC if I disable MMAL (hardware decoding). Some say if you buy a MPG2 codec license it will work with MMAL.
Pi4B plays them OK because there in no MMAL.

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Thanks for reminding me about the mpeg2 licence i bought.

Was wrecking my head why a few 10bit hevc 1080p files were glitchy while others that were encoded the same played fine.

I forgot to transfer over my mpeg2 licence to boot config when i started new installation. Videos play fine now.

Although its strange why some of them played fine while other didn’t. They were encoded with same exact settings.

Thanks again

Actually once activated on the specific hardware the licence keys are not needed anymore on boot even when changing SD Cards.